Inside Outside…Geo planting!

Just love getting our new products in, theres always a buzz of excitement when they land & we can start talking about the newness… or even better get our hands on the new bits and bobs ourselves. I’ve been loving our new hex envelope planters & couldn’t wait to try them at home, couldn’t decide on what to do with them so tried a few options around the inside & outside of our house.

Plan of attack as follows… Find nice clean wall spot with lots of lovely light to put the planters, I love them together as a pair with the larger on top. The shape really lends itself to having 2. If your anything like me (practically challenged!) get said husband to hammer these babies in and make sure everything is secure and safe. Those of you good with a hammer can be proud of this part yourselves!

1 2 5

Decorate your beautiful blooms to max effect inside the open part. I’m feeling like some colour in my life today, so drab outside, although not a purple lover these poppies are drooping and blooming in all the right places!

Make sure all children have checked out the new newness, sniffed and pulled at all the flowers & covered off all sensory experiences!

Hoping my children have a love of nature, I always encourage them to get amongst the blooms!

6 8


Stand back & enjoy the colour… whilst wondering what they’d look like with succulents!

I just couldn’t resist giving them a go with succulents… here they are in all their glory inside my entrance. I love the green pops on the all white wall.IMG_9434 IMG_9431

The great thing about these is that you can use them either inside or outside. Find a great outdoor wall, I chose a dramatic black wall to position these. How good do they look?!

14 15

Just a few tweaks of the plants and we’re there! Now the only choice is Inside or Outside or both!

16 17

You can get your own here in our new arrivals area where there will be lots going on over the coming few months. Remember to keep us posted with your own versions of these. Use our #starttrendingwithus hashtag and be in our monthly draw to WIN a $200.00 voucher!

Love to see all that you do with our products

Happy planting

Karina x