Growing up in central England I always had a love of textiles, art & design. In fact I would go so far to say I’m obsessed with colour, pattern, textiles, art, design… I’m a creative geek, there you go I said it! Most of the time consumed with thinking about some idea or project I’m going to start or plotting how to fudge the time to get stuck into my sketchbook. Having three young kids is a bit of a distraction these days but it wasn’t always like that…

I always had big dreams, I wasn’t keen to work the 9-5, in fact I wasn’t keen to work the 9-3 even at school age. If it wasn’t in the art room, I wasn’t interested! When I could finally get to study design full time, I realised pattern was my ‘thing’.

Four years of studying surface pattern and design led me to the remote villages in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India, which is when I completely fell in love with a life embellished with colour & pattern. Returning back to the UK, I freelanced as a textile designer & sold my embroidery work to Macy’s in New York & galleries throughout the UK. This enabled me to travel to New Zealand were I met my husband. Through his love of travelling & my love of design, we began to realise we could work for ourselves. We started sourcing, designing & importing fab products that we’d love to have in our home & started our wholesale business which we have grown rapidly over the last 12 years. We’ve designed & sold our products into large retail giants & small independent retailers throughout New Zealand, Australia & the UK. It’s been a mad, crazy, fun, tough, exciting journey but I love my job - I get to play with pattern, colour & come up with the ideas all day long.

Me & My Trend is our new journey; now an online journey. It’s all about fashion forward, fun and quirky home & lifestyle products. I love following trends, watching them navigate the popular landscape until they disappear into the uncool stratosphere of yesterday.

Me & My trend is for those of you who love something a bit different, something not quite the norm, something that packs a punch of fun when you put it on your kitchen bench or hang it in your room.

It’s for the dreamers who walk to the beat of their own drum & the lovers of colour. It’s for all the things you wished you could find. It’s for the on-trend fashonista who’s been looking for something ‘just like that’. It’s your new ‘go-to’ for your homeware fix.

More is more...more colour, more pattern & thinking a whole lot outside the box is what we’re all about. I’m passionate about working on great ideas & great product design that I hope will inspire you to… Start trending with us today!

Karina McGregor
Creative Chief AKA General Bossy Boots