Colour of the day – Black

Black. Pure unadulterated black. Not black & white not black and gold just black. Glossy, matte sophisticated & sensual black you’re our colour of the day

black imageryClockwise from left.  A matte black smeg.. oh my! In love with this black on black on black kitchen goodness.  This is a dreamy & sophisticated dining space  & if we lived in an amazing residence as super sleek as this home we fear we may never leave!

& lets not forget  our own black finds

black newsletter


So much goodness on our site for all you sophisticated lovers of black right now!

Would you fake it?

Its no secret we’re all about nature but would we fake our florals? Hell no! Today’s big debate in the office sparked me to double take this stance & start researching this emergence we’re seeing for designers & florists using faux flowers. Available in a myriad of varieties, you can work any colour, trend, type for your faux floral interiors. A stalwart of garden centre’s & gifty shops these pretty blooms are popping up in tailored spaces & high end florists…

Of course the ultimate benefit of these fast-florals is the fact that they won’t wither & die after you’ve spent your $20.00 giving you pleasure for weeks on end. However, still not convinced I began my trend research with scepticism & was pleasantly surprised with my findings…

faux or real


Clockwise from top left

Succulents & cacti, ferns & greenery are emerging as a BIG trend running along our desire for outdoor living to become an indoor experience.  

Peonies… we love pink peonies & had to look twice with these beauties from Neimen marcus! Perfect for bridal bouquets that last forever & allowing you to use your very favourite blooms on your special day makes faux the way to go in any season.

Hand picked wild flowers… no problem! We’re seeing a movement for florists stocked entirely of faux flowers. Abigail Ahern’s new florist at Heals in London selection is entirely ‘faux’!

Pretty roses styled & stay in this perfectly positioned shot making a stylists life much easier!

Being a little bit crafty these paper flowers from the Instagram feed of @apetalunfolds is heaven for both faux  real flower lovers!

I’m going to watch this trend over the next few months & who knows we might just bring you some of our own ideas!


Inspo Friday #22

Inspo Friday is back and oh how we’ve missed you!!!!


This week I am far too excited to bring you our latest trend so allow me to jump right in.


*Drum roll* …Introducing our latest range of uber-gorgeous, luxurious, iridescent faceted glassware.


Inspo 7

You can stare if you want to! They are THAT good! Do yourself a favor and shop yours here!


We’ve been throwing some iridescent love around the office this week and we couldn’t NOT share it with you! Enjoy!


Inspo 2

Chrome Nail polish OH YES!


inspo 4

These stunning sunglasses… You feel me?



How funky are these heat changing chromatic tiles?



inspo 1

I just love this Watermelon Tourmaline Ring! Yum!


inspo 5

And how can you go past this stunning dress from Christian Dior dress?



Thats it guys! Enjoy your weekend and keep dreaming up new ways to bring a little sparkle to your life with our iridescent trend!


xx Tania


inspo 8

Colour lovers heaven!

Its that time of year again… school holidays! I’m always looking for creative things to do with my 3 littley’s & this was the perfect trip for something a wee bit different & inspiring.

Architects of Air in Aotea Square, Auckland is an ‘other worldly’ sculptural experience . Sensory overload inside the luminarium, we explored the tunnels of colourful display together in amazement & wonder.IMG_3737Captivating for the adults & kids alike…

You can check it out here 

Karina x

How we do….

Its been a while! We’ve been so busy with product planning this last few months, getting ready to bring you some amazing products in the later end of 2015!

Just landed this week are our fab new cheeky canisters. I’d never done hand-lettering before & thought it would be a complete walk in the park.. I have a whole new appreciation for all those talented hand-letterers out there, its no easy feet. Repetition is key & my final designs took days and days of repeating the design in varying configurations over and over.

IMG_0949 IMG_1034


Applied to our canisters made in a matte finish with the lettering in gold I’m so pleased with how the designs took form…


We launched them this week & already we can tell your loving them so thanks for the LOVE! Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. If you haven’t got one, you can grab them here …

In the meantime I’m off for a’s one that didn’t quite make the cut, maybe I’l use it next season, what do you think?

Handlettering canister concepts

Karina x

Inspo Fri-YAY!

Hallelujah! its Friday… I couldn’t be happier to see you after a massive week with our clearance sale and getting ready to launch our Summer range in Australia next week. So much happening and so little time but always time for you guys and always time to tell you about our new newness that’s been happening this week.

I’ve been waiting to tell you about our new cushion range for a while now. Handmade by our amazing Indian supplier we bring you the good-goods made in the finest quality cottons & linens & printed in our own unique designs & ideas.

So in love with all things marble right now (its a marble love-a-thon!) & these cushions are probably my most favourite thing we’ve done this season.

cushion blog (6)cushion blog (2)

Particular favourite is the rectangular reversible cushion, one side black marble/ one side white marble for our ever changing mood! Combined with our reversible metallic range with gold leatherite piping, luxurious chic is here! so nice seeing my little rabbit, deer & owl illustration used on our box cushions too.

cushion blog (4)Just love this new collection & hoping you guys do too. Find them online or at your nearest stockist.

Oh & ps… back in this week popular demand is the Copper amaze candle. Grab one quick these guys sell out super fast!

cushion blog (1)Have an AMAZE weekend peeps

Karina x